Congratulations on starting your search for a career in healthcare. Today, hospitals and related healthcare facilities are looking for qualified candidates everyday to meet industry demands. Before starting your job search, it is a great idea to research potential careers and healthcare facilities before applying. Having a general understanding of the duties and qualifications of the job will give you a head start for your job hunt. In addition, researching the potential healthcare facility can also give you insight about the culture and environment of the workplace. At Hospital Jobs Inc, we will strive to provide useful information about top healthcare careers. Take a look at some of our job descriptions to learn about the duties, responsibilities, salary, and qualifications for popular healthcare jobs such as a medical assistant, registered nurse, pharmacist, physician assistant, and a nurse practitioner. Be sure to check out our job search page to find the latest healthcare job postings across the United States.

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StateEmploymentAnnual Mean WageMean Wage Hourly
New York502,290$83,080$39.94
North Carolina248,150$69,610$33.47
New Jersey211,110$86,440$41.56

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Take advantage of the unique FREE interactive map that allows you to search with a simple “click” from anywhere across the United States with over seven thousand U.S. hospitals in our database. This makes it easy to quickly find a hospital near you to retrieve listings by states that are sorted in custom table view. In each table by state, hospitals can be sorted by any attribute such as city or county. Additional features allow “free-text searches,” the number of results that are displayed, and the “bed count” of each hospital if applicable.

Healthcare Career Programs by State: offers a list of over 170 accredited physician assistant schools and programs. Try out our custom, sort-able table the allows users to search for physician assistant programs by state or school/university. The physician assistant is a very respectable career in the medical field that will always be in demand by hospitals from all over the United States. For pharmacy programs, check out our list of accredited pharmacy schools that offer the best education you can receive to be a top choice for any healthcare recruiter. In addition, we also have a list of the top 70 best nursing schools that are known for their outstanding nursing programs in select locations. The registered nurse has become the standard healthcare profession and continues to demanded by top hospitals in the nation.

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